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More Than a Class

Nested LLC’s mission is to empower women and their families, both locally and abroad, by providing them with childbirth education.

By participating in our classes, you are not only educating yourself for your upcoming delivery, you are investing in a company that donates to nonprofit medical organizations that support women and families around the world.

Our Mission

Nested LLC’s mission is to empower women and their families, both locally and abroad, by providing them with childbirth education.

Drawing upon years of experience as a healthcare provider, public health advocate, educator and mom, Nidhi Reva founded Nested LLC in 2017 to provide Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin patients and their partners with high quality childbirth preparedness classes. Our classes are designed to prepare couples for a healthy and positive birthing experience with detailed instruction and counseling.  Nested classes aim to give a comprehensive educational experience, taught by health care providers, that is catered to the Reiter, Hill Johnson & Nevin patient.

Our Values

In addition to providing an exceptional classroom education, at Nested LLC we believe in the promotion of good health in our community and around the world. For this reason, we have partnered with regional and international non-profit organizations that provide invaluable services to their community.
Here at Nested LLC we want you, our clients, to direct our philanthropic projects. Your input can launch a donation drive for medical equipment, fund an education campaign or procure medication for underserved populations. Together, let us strive to promote education and quality healthcare for everyone.

Meet the Booby

The blue-footed booby is a marine bird Nidhi was pleasantly surprised to meet on her first trip to the Galápagos Island. They are named after their distinct blue feet and the clumsy way they walk on land. It is easy to be charmed by these cute and unique birds. Interestingly, while they are found up and down the tropical regions of the Pacific coast, about half of all blue-footed boobies choose the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador to make their nest. For this reason, many consider these blue-footed birds to be a proud symbol of the diverse wildlife that make their home in Ecuador. More…

It was really helpful to hear about it from people we trust through the RHJN practice.

I came away from the class feeling more confident and empowered about the birthing process and postpartum care. We definitely learned things and there is something to be said about talking about this stuff in person


My husband said he felt like he learned something even though he’s been through birth before with his 3 year old daughter.

I liked hearing about CPR, hearing about different methods of baby care compared to what Sibley childbirth classes had to offer in their course.  The best practices/updated standards were very helpful.  The class was a positive experience – I liked the smallness of the class for more intimate learning and open forum structure.


Thank you for the wonderful class.  It definitely put some anxiety as ease.  Heather and Marti, you were great!!  Very easy to understand and funny at the same time!!
As I mentioned to Heather the day of the Childbirth Class.  I wanted to thank you guys for the work you do with Ecuador.  I, myself, was born here but my entire family is from Ecuador and know the incredible need there is there.  On behalf of my family and all those you are helping in Ecuador, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  I am glad that part of the fees was able to contribute to others who may not get the medical care and assistance I am fortunate to have since I am here.  You are truly making a difference and I am sure you don’t hear thank you enough…so “Thank you!!”


Nested has been such a great value for my patients.  The classes and information presented are up to date, concise and exactly what my patients are looking for.  Nidhi and her team have years of experience and expertise and they share a passion for what they do.  I am thrilled to have Nested on our team!

Dr. Matthew Peterson

Physician, Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin

Nidhi is a highly valued health care provider at RHJN. Her passion for patient education prompted her to create and develop curriculum for “Nested” a program of education for our expecting parents.  She is an entertaining and knowledgeable creator and speaker. She and her “nested” team are well prepared to provide excellent education and support to our expecting parents.

Her energetic and caring personality is apparent when she sees her patients for consults and office visits.

Mona Milberg

FNP-BC, Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin

I have been getting great feedback from our patients who have done a Nested class. They really felt the classes were well taught and informative. One patient said the class has helped to relieve some of her anxiety and fears about the labor process. Others have liked the charitable aspect to the program. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Kirstiaan L. Nevin

Physician, Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin

Nidhi Reva passion for working with underserved populations inspired Nested’s mission of empowerment through education.

Nidhi Reva

Founder, More...

Heather Ross has a doctorate in healthcare with 10 years of combined experience in pediatrics and obstetrics. Her passion for teaching began when she was a supervising resident during her medical training in pediatrics.

Heather Ross

Program Development Manager, More...

Melissa Casolini Dal Bo has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s Degree in Library Science. She has a wide variety of experience including project management, customer service and managerial experience at public libraries.

Melissa Casolini Dal Bo

Operations Manager, More...

Nicole is excited to join the Nested family as a philanthropic and marketing coordinator. She has five years of experience in the Ob/Gyn field as a medical assistant. Her trip to Ecuador as part of a medical mission brigade inspires her both professionally and personally.

Nicole Hakenson


Dr. Marti Bornstein’s education and career path bring together a variety of interests and expertise. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University, she became a research organic chemist for Bristol Myers working in the field of Anti-Tumoral Chemistry.

Dr. Marti Bornstein

Instructor, More...

Rachel is both an Occupational Therapist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She has worked in neonatal intensive care units, out-patient clinics, and other inpatient units in the hospital setting, since 2007.

Rachel Radcliffe, MS, OTR/L, IBCLC

Instructor, More...

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