Wishlist from FIBUSPAM


Our Current Project

Fibuspam needs our help! They are requesting an EKG machine that they can use on medical caravans.  Nested LLC would like to purchase one for them if we reach our goal of 100 class sign ups. Right now we are at 50% of our goal please help us help patients of Ecuador! 

“FIBUSPAM maintains the highest standards for efficiency and transparency. We ensure that every dollar we receive is put towards cost-effective, high-impact interventions that serve the local community.


Good stewardship of organizational funds is our utmost priority and we pride ourselves in our lean and cost-effective management systems.

We received our 501 (c) 3 status in July of 2014 and our tax US tax ID number is 46-2196101. All cash and in-kind donations to FIBUSPAM are tax deductible. Click here to donate.

In Ecuador, a little goes a long way and our work is dependent on your generosity. Our current needs include critical supplies, medicines, and staff to help move our mission forward.

– Sarah Marjane at FIBUSPAM




Completed Projects

Clipboards (20)– This little item has made a big difference to the FIBUSPAM team when they were seeing patients.  Clinicians were able to keep track of patients, record vital information and track patient flow during make-shift clinics.  Thankfully, all of the information, prescriptions and follow up care was facilitated by the 3/4/17 Nest Steps class donation of clipboards.  Thank you!

OB/GYN Handheld Books (10)Pocket sized books were sent oversees to general medicine Ecuadorian doctors to  become more familiar with routine obstetrical and gynelogical health concerns.  Thank you Family Cord for your assistance in this donation at the 3/4/17 Nest Steps Class!


Future Wishlist Projects


A Women’s Health Nurse – For just $400 a month, FIBUSPAM can hire a medical professional who specializes in women’s health care. This individual would lead FIBUSPAM’s cervical cancer screening program, the first of its kind in the Andean region of Ecuador, with the potential to save thousands of lives.  This post would also help provide women from remote indigenous communities access to family planning services and other gynecological care.

Prenatal and Children’s Chewable Vitamins. In Ecuador, access to basic nutritional supplements such as prenatal and children’s vitamins are very limited.  Access to such supplements give babies and young children the chance for a healthy and productive future.

Urine Analysis Sticks. Using mobile medical devices such as urine analysis sticks would greatly improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of women in need. Simple mobile urine analysis sticks would diagnose pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and urinary tract infection.

Nebulizer and Albuterol inhalers. In Ecuador many people suffer from uncontrolled asthma and repertory issues due to high levels of pollution and exposure to volcanic ash. Simple interventions like the use of a nebulizer or albuterol inhalers can change or save a life.

Arm Implant Birth Control. Long-acting family planning methods like the arm implement contraceptive gives women and young girls an opportunity to pursue higher-education and professional goals, which ensures a brighter future for their future families.

Privacy Tents– New privacy tents would help FIBUSPAM better perform pelvic exams during their mobile medical clinics in remote regions in Ecuador. Privacy tents ensures each women receives the best quality care and is treated with the utmost respect and care.

Mobile Ultrasound Doppler – Mobile ultra sound doppler enable FIBUSPAM to check the health of pregnant mothers and their developing babies as well as diagnose many complex internal diseases.

Inter-Ocular Lenses– Due to its proximity to the sun, Ecuador has a very high prevalence of blindness due to cataracts. Sight can be preserved or restored with a simple surgery using inter-ocular lenses.  Restoring the sight of one individual can put the person back to work, helping lift families out of poverty and helping the individual live a more fulfilling life.