In the spring of 2018, two couples who were clients of Nested delivered their babies prematurely, baby girls Iris and Isabel.

Isabel’s parents took our childbirth class and were planning on taking our Newborn CPR/Infant Care class. However, Margaret Isabel decided to arrive before her parents could take the course. As a token of their appreciation, they decided to donate their unused class fee to Nested to support our philanthropic mission.

When Iris’s mother was taking our Newborn CPR/Infant Care course, we noticed she was uncomfortable. As she was receiving the low back massage which we teach in our childbirth class, the instructor noted that she was contracting prematurely. We had her contact her obstetrician and, as it turned out, she was in preterm labor! Gratefully, upon visiting her OB, she was able to receive two spaced injections of Betamethasone to help mature her daughter’s lungs and a tocolytic(medication to stop contractions). Her labor was forestalled for two weeks and Iris was delivered at 35+ weeks gestation. Amazingly, Iris was able to go home when her mother was discharged from the hospital. As a token of their appreciation for the education and support they received from our Nested staff, they asked to donate money to Nested towards our mission to help families both locally and abroad.

Many of our clients are very fortunate to have excellent healthcare, jobs, support, and ability to pay for classes. We decided that establishing a scholarship in their names would be the perfect thing to do. Sadly, not all expectant parents are so fortunate. With the Iris Isabel Scholarship, we will offer classes free to any women/couples wishing to learn about preconception health, childbirth, neonatal CPR and infant care.



Project Nido 2018 was a success!  Through Nested’s and Trek Coalition’s enthusiasm, technical excellence, and  humanitarian spirit, our team was able to provide high-quality medical care to 883 Ecuadorians in need.  By partnering with the Ecuadorian organization FIBUSPAM, which has a central clinic located in the Chimborazo region of Ecuador, but also reaches needs throughout the country with mobile clinics we were able to provide education, cervical cancer screenings and prenatal care to those in need.


The Nested Team specifically  focused on important public health issues that affect women and children. In addition to acute medical care, we also aim to educate on important topics like dental hygiene, water consumption, education about female anatomy and family planning.



Completed Projects

  1. Funds for portable EKG machine (donated by our June and July 2017 classes.
  2. Clipboards (20)– This little item has made a big difference to the FIBUSPAM team when they were seeing patients.  Clinicians were able to keep track of patients, record vital information and track patient flow during make-shift clinics. Thankfully, all of the information, prescriptions and follow up care was facilitated by the April 2017 class donation of clipboards.
  3. OB/GYN Handheld Books (10)– Pocket sized books were sent oversees to general medicine Ecuadorian doctors to become more familiar with routine obstetrical and gynelogical health concerns.  Thank you Family Cord for your assistance in this donation at the May, 2017!
  4. Urine Analysis Sticks (200). Using mobile medical devices such as urine analysis sticks would greatly improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of women in need. Simple mobile urine analysis sticks allow for providers to easily diagnose and treat urinary tract infections while serving patients in remote areas that lack the access to medical care.  Thank you to Reiter Hill Johnson and Nevin for your assistance in this donation.
  5. Pregnancy test (100)- With the scarcity of pregnancy tests in Ecuador, many women do not know if they are pregnant and crucial medical care is delayed- this including prenatal care and surgeries.  With these simple urine pregnancy tests medical professionals can provide prenatal vitamins and a referral for prenatal  care at nearby hospitals. Thank you Reiter Hill Johnson and Nevin for helping us procure this donation.
  6. Albuterol inhalers and Albuterol nebulizer machine. In Ecuador many people suffer from uncontrolled asthma and respiratory issues due to high levels of pollution and exposure to volcanic ash. Simple interventions like the use of a nebulizer or albuterol inhalers can change or save a life.
  7. With the help of a client of our childbirth education class we secured an enormous dental equipment donation that was shipped over to the Fibuspam Clinic in the Chimborazo Province in Ecuador.  This tremendous donation will equip the Fibuspam dentists with the ability to open a new mobile dental clinic when they travel to obscure villages to help those in need.