REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for in-person classes and LIVE Virtual interactive classes through June 2021! 

  Purchase a 1-month access to Childbirth Education &/or Newborn Care/Infant CPR online VIDEO class(es) with Closed Captioning! 

Nested LLC believes the health & safety of our clients, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance & is always our top priority and follow Nested’s COVID-19 protocols for in-person classes. We closely monitor & will adhere to public health guidelines to maintain best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Should Nested suspend in-person classes due to federal, state and/or local government restrictions & recommendations, as well as CDC guidance, and/or if the class location is inaccessible, registered clients will be notified via email that their class will be conducted as a LIVE Virtual interactive class at the same date & time as the originally scheduled class, and will be provided with an access link.

Private Educational Sessions

Nested LLC offers private in-person AND virtual sessions for all of our classes that are held in the comfort of you own home! We welcome the opportunity to provide private in-home education for parents, grandparents, nannies, or other family members.

  • In-person private sessions – these may be scheduled on weeknight evenings and during the day on weekends. Please note that as of March 15, 2020, Nested is NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING in-person private classes due to maintain best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Once it is deemed “safe” to resume private sessions, we will update this page.
    • The Newborn and Infant Care & CPR (NB/CPR) session is approximately 3 hours. A Nested instructor will come to your home and will bring equipment,including sanitized specialized dolls & supplies to demo and practice on. Please note that we are not currently offering certification for infant CPR, only instruction.
    • The Childbirth Education (CBE) session is approximately 3 hours. A Nested instructor will come to your home and will bring the required supplies and equipment needed.
    • Combo NB/CPR & CBE session is an abbreviated session that would cover the highlights of both classes (not a full boot camp) is approximately 5 hours ( if during a weeknight evening, it will be scheduled for 2 consecutive evenings)
  • Virtual private sessions – Nested’s private virtual sessions encompass the virtual online class along with a private session with an instructor.

Fees are dependent on the number of people for the session. Please contact us with your group size and we will find the right teacher and schedule a convenient time.

Nested does NOT offer private sessions at the same time or day as when our in-person classes, LIVE virtual classes or the online video Q&A group sessions are being held.