Private Classes

Nested is pleased to offer both one-on-one private classes AND private group classes!

Locations: Private classes may be held either at our Headquarters located in Arlington, VA (which has both an indoor & outdoor space) OR at your office.

Classes: Nested offers both our Childbirth Education and our Newborn Care with CPR certification as a private class for both individuals & small groups; and, private group classes with a minimum of 5 attendees for our CPR certification class and Comprehensive Babysitting with CPR Certification class. Please visit our Class Overview page and our CPR Certification page for details about our classes.

Fees: Fees are dependent on the number of attendees, location (Nested’s HQ or your office), and the type of class.

Dates: Private classes are offered on weekday evenings, Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends. NOTE: Nested does not offer private classes at the same time or day as when our group classes are being held.

For more information, please contact us with your group size, location preference, the class type, and a few possible dates.