Nest Steps 12/09/17 Saturday 9:30am-12pm


Nest Steps is a two and half hour class for expectant, new or experienced parents. Infants are welcome.  This is a dynamic, interactive class designed for couples to build confidence and optimize physical and mental health. Couples will come away with resources to help them through major adjustments during and after pregnancy.  With coping strategies, parents will learn how to gracefully transition throughout pregnancy and the first year of their infant’s life.  By becoming empowered to learn steps in the prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety, couples will leave the class feeling stronger and more balanced.  Going back to work was never easier with tips on preparation, setting boundaries, and how to achieve work/life balance.  Parents will feel prepared to set boundaries and communicate effectively with their family and friends.  For the experienced parent, the class will provide advice on how to successfully transition older siblings.  Couples will ultimately feel more connected to each other and feel supported by other parents who share in the journey.  Ultimately, parents will have a toolkit designed to nurture physical and emotional health of the entire family.  Please note that there is now a fee associated with this class.  Since Nested LLC understands that this a special class that is helpful for all families we are offering it at a reduced cost $60.  If clients are unable to pay the reduced fee for this class please message us through the “contact us” portal for assistance.

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