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Childbirth Education Class CC 3/25/17 9:30am-12:30pm


Hello everyone!

We are so excited for you to join us for our Childbirth Education class this Saturday starting at 9:30am at our Chevy Chase Office at Reiter Hill Johnson and Nevin.  Family Cord is sponsoring bagels, coffee and other treats for our hungry couples.  Get ready to have a great time while learning about Sibley and the labor process.  There will be someone waiting for you at the front door of the building but if you are running behind, please give us a ring at 202-670-4676.  Nidhi, Heather and Marti will be teaching! Thanks, Nidhi

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This class is aimed at educating clients of Reiter Hill Johnson and Nevin on what they can expect at Sibley Memorial Hospital.  The class will cover the process of labor and delivery, options for pain management, what interventions may occur and an overview of inductions, vaginal births and c-sections.  In addition to information about  Sibley, Nested aims to provide expecting parents with an adjunct education to Reiter Hill Johnson and Nevin in regards to signs of labor, stages of labor and resources for parents to learn about their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum concerns.  This is a 3 hours class that is focused on healthy mom, baby and a new family.