CPR Certification

Nested teaches several classes that include American Red Cross (ARC) Pediatric & Adult CPR/Choking Prevention/First Aid/AED certification (called “CPR Certification class”) in a blended learning class format consisting of a self-paced, interactive online session (taken at your home), followed by an in-person, hands-on skills training session with a certified ARC instructor. Nested’s American Red Cross courses, offered in a blended learning format, are consistent with AHA Guidelines for CPR/ECC, cover breathing and cardiac emergencies, including CPR, AED, and obstructed airways. They are also OSHA compliant and meets other workplace and regulatory requirements.

Nested offers certification classes for CPR/Choking Prevention/First Aid/AED, Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers, including: EpiPen® instruction & NARCAN® (Naloxone) administration for opioid overdose.

All of the classes provide a scenario-based approach to developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that drive better patient outcomes.

The courses are ideal for colleagues, childcare professionals (e.g., nannies, au pairs, and babysitters — 7th graders & above), parents, grandparents, and siblings to help prepare you to recognize and respond to a variety of breathing and cardiac emergencies involving babies, children and adults.

The Nested CPR certification classes are conveniently held in both Arlington, VA & Falls Church, VA, and in Washington, DC. You can earn CPR certification through any of these classes:


If you have questions, please reach out to us at info@nestedbaby.com.

Nested’s American Red Cross CPR Certification Process

Nested’s blended American Red Cross CPR Certification class process is detailed here.

    1. The American Red Cross online learning portion is 1-2 hours (done at your own pace at home). NOTE: The online portion must be completed at least 2 days PRIOR to being eligible to attend the hands-on portion of the class.
    2. The Nested 2-hour in-person class includes review and hands-on practice. NOTE: ALL breathing portions of CPR practice are conducted outside due to ongoing health & safety precautions

During the 2-hour in-person portion of the course, the instructor will show how to resuscitate using CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) on specialized, non-responsive infant and adult CPR dolls as well as choking prevention strategies. Attendees will be able to practice techniques on the dolls and must demonstrate each technique successfully in order to obtain certification.

In order to obtain a course completion certification card, students must successfully complete the course, which includes both the online portion as well as the in-person first aid skills demonstration, a CPR and AED skills test. Upon completion, students receive an American Red Cross CPR Certification, which is valid for 2 years. This course satisfies OSHA-mandated job requirements, workplace or other regulatory requirements.

Should you choose to not complete or are unable to complete the online portion of the class, you may still attend the “hands on” in-person portion of the class to learn and practice techniques WITHOUT receiving certification.

NOTE: Refunds are NOT available for this class. Registration closes 2 weeks prior to the class date for the CPR certification classes. This provides time for the client data to be processed into the American Red Cross system, which will then auto-send the account creation & log-in details to the clients to provide plenty of time to take & successfully pass the online portion of the class.

cpr certification class

Couple at Newborn & Infant Care and CPR (NBCPR) class

infant cpr

Hands-on infant CPR practice

babysitting class

Comprehensive Babysitting with CPR certification class

babysitting class

Couple at Newborn & Infant Care with CPR Certification (NBCPR) class