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Preconception 101

This class provides an overview of female reproductive anatomy, hormones, health and common questions relating to conceiving.   Nested teachers will review issues related to diet, approved medications, high risk medical conditions, exercise and environmental factors effecting fertility. We will also review common infertility issues and the next steps to optimize conception. This is a perfect class for those that to learn in a casual environment where questions are encouraged during this important step in parenthood.


Newborn Care and CPR Boot Camp

Nested’s Newborn Care Boot Camp is an all-day comprehensive class that will prepare you for the moment your baby is born, including normal newborn appearance and procedures after delivery and in the nursery.  From collection of cord blood, delayed cord clamping and assignment of Apgar scores, you will learn it all! We take you on a journey from the day of discharge through your newborn’s first year of life.

The 3 areas of emphasis in our class are:

1) health of baby, 2) health of mom and partner, and 3) a healthy transition to a new family.

  • Review the common newborn signs of illness and when you should call your pediatrician.
  • Learn the ins and outs of newborn sleep, feeding, swaddling and diapering.
  • Each couple will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with instructors to ask questions and practice swaddling, soothing techniques, bathing, and changing diapers.
  • Parents will learn infant CPR and know how to resuscitate a choking baby using specialized CPR dolls.
  • Parents will practice on life-like dolls and have your techniques checked by instructors.
  • Mom and partner will receive physical therapists videos to address common issues: how to avoid and treat lower back issues, breastfeeding ergonomics, and pain reduction techniques for carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Parents will leave with coping strategies and feel stronger and more balanced especially, going back to work, setting boundaries, and how to achieve work/life balance.
  • Couples will feel prepared to set boundaries and communicate effectively with their family, in-laws, and friends.
  • Introduction to the new baby and pets may also be a challenge.  This class reviews how to ease that transition ith useful tips.

Ultimately, parents will be armed with a toolkit to strengthen the physical and emotional health of the entire family. Be prepared for virtually any newborn care situation at hand.

This class is designed for new and experienced parents (biological and adoptive parents), friends, caregivers, nannies, and grandparents.




Childbirth Education Boot Camp


Nested’s Childbirth Education Boot Camp is a comprehensive class that will prepare you for your journey through labor, delivery, and the postpartum period!


  • Review common third trimester issues and what to expect at your 36 week visit
  • Learn the signs of labor and when to call your obstetrician
  • See what the hospital process will look like and what to expect from your healthcare team
  • Discuss options for pain management and potential interventions during the labor process
  • Let our teachers walk you through the “typical” childbirth scenario but also prepare for the unexpected, including inductions, assisted vaginal births and c-sections.
  • Experienced labor doulas demonstrate specialized comfort techniques for mom and partner to practice and help with pregnancy and labor pain
  • Our teachers and doulas will walk through how to use breathing techniques to alleviate labor pain


This boot camp includes hands-on massage techniques for partners to help during the pregnancy and delivery. Breathing techniques and comfort exercises, taught by experienced doulas, will help with making the birthing process easier.


At Nested we know the importance of optimizing the physical and mental health of both parents during pregnancy and the postpartum period. With coping strategies, empowerment, education on diet and exercise and community resources, parents will leave feeling prepared for the doctor’s office, the delivery room and the trip back home.




Breastfeeding Classes

We are partnering with the Breastfeeding Center of Washington to offer a superior breastfeeding educational experience.  The Breastfeeding Center is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to empower women in their breastfeeding journey. Two classes are offered on our calendar and in collaboration with the Breastfeeding center.

Breastfeeding Basics

This class teaches the basic anatomy and physiology involved in breast milk production and breastfeeding. Mothers will also learn what to expect during the first days after birth, as well as what to do if things do not go as planned. Class will discuss what preparation and supplies are helpful. Think of this as Part I of our must-take prenatal classes.

This class is intended for expectant parents or as a refresher for experienced parents.  We recommend taking this class 8 weeks before your due date. The instructor is one of our experienced IBCLCs.

This is a free class; please register in advance as these classes can fill up quickly! Private classes are also available in our office, your office, or your home.

Breastfeeding for Fathers and Partners:

This much loved class reviews the basics of breastfeeding and discusses how to support the breastfeeding mother. Questions are encouraged! No breastfeeding (or soon-to-be breastfeeding) mothers allowed!

This class is intended for fathers, partners and other support persons of the breastfeeding mother. This is an instructor led class where discussion and questions are invited. The instructor is one of our experienced IBCLCs.

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DCH Village Meet Up

In collaboration with Doulas of Capitol Hill  Nested LLC would like to see you at our village meet ups.  For information on DCH Village meet-ups, please join us on Facebook:

Nested and Doulas of Capitol Hill teamed up in 2018 to widen the scope of expertise and services available to families.  With a shared vision of offering empowerment through support to families planning to have a baby in the DC metro area, their collaboration makes it easy for new parents to find experts they trust.  Nested enjoys their collaboration with Doulas of Capitol Hill because they are assured that all of their birth and postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, and newborn care specialists will be 100% judgement free and support epidural, C-section, unmedicated births, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding.  When choosing their birth and newborn support team, new parents can be assured that their childbirth educator and their doula will work collaboratively with their doctors and nurses to have a positive experience for all. Please ask about Nested/ Doula discount when registering for classes or signing up for birth or postpartum/newborn care support!