Childbirth Education Class (In Person)

Nested’s In-Person Childbirth Education (CBE) Boot Camp is a comprehensive class that will prepare you for your journey through labor, delivery, and the postpartum period!

In this class we will:

  • Review common third trimester issues and what to expect at your 36-week visit
  • Learn about the signs of labor, when to call your obstetrician, and what should be on your hospital bag packing list
  • Discuss each stage of labor and what can help alleviate and relax the mom, including options for pain management and potential interventions during the labor process
  • See what the hospital process will look like and what to expect from your healthcare team
  • Discuss the “typical” childbirth scenario  as well as how to prepare for the unexpected, including inductions, assisted vaginal births and c-sections
  • Learn and practice tips, tricks and techniques for Prenatal Wellness: Pelvic Floor Health, Ergonomics & Exercises from a physical therapist.

At Nested we know the importance of optimizing the physical and mental health of both parents during pregnancy and the postpartum period. With coping strategies, empowerment, education on diet & exercise and community resources, parents will leave feeling prepared for the doctor’s office, the delivery room and the trip back home.

We recommend taking this class on the earlier side of your pregnancy (24-39 weeks).

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Note: 1 registration ticket allows for up to 2 people (1 ticket = 2 people) to attend the class and access the course resources.

{Nested's Childbirth Education (CBE) boot camp class -- Friendly, knowledgable, no judgement zone, and all around highly recommended! We loved taking the class, we loved learning from all the instructors, and we had a great time. We walked away feeling much more confident and comfortable in what is headed our way when it comes to being in labor and giving birth. The instructors also gave us time to just be a couple and connect, which was really nice.
Kelly B
{My husband and I took the childbirth education boot camp (CBE) class. The class was extremely informative with just the right amount of information. Renie was a wonderful instructor and answered everyone's questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. I would highly recommend this class to all parents-to-be.