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We invite you to our classes as we aim to provide a superior Educational experience, by Experts and provide medical and educational services to Empower those in need.

“Nested LLC is recognized as the TOP Parent Education Practice for the Washington, D.C. / Maryland / Virginia metro region is featured on the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, FOX News, Oprah Winfrey Network, BRAVO, MSNBC and other networks



Our team is invested in offering an engaging educational experience for moms, dads, and families in the DC metro region. Unlike a hospital’s classes or other private classes, our educators have advanced degrees and a combined medical experience of more than 120 years. 

The Nested educational team includes doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, labor and delivery nurses, midwives, doulas, and reproductive health nurses. 

Nested has partnered with leading experts in the areas of breastfeeding, physical therapy and organizations that help families adjust to their growing family.  

We know that pregnancy, labor, the hospital setting, and the early days of a baby’s life can be overwhelming for expecting parents, even anxiety provoking.  Our team of educators promotes a casual and non-judgmental learning environment. This relaxed manner allows clients to share their concerns as well as affording them the opportunity to absorb the invaluable educational material.  

You can be assured that by taking any of our Nested boot camp classes with our team of teachers you will receive the highest quality of education by experts in the field of maternal and newborn health that focuses on the well-being of the entire family!  

At Nested we welcome new and experienced parents including LGBT families, adoptive and foster parents, as well as friends, caregivers, nannies, and grandparents.

We invite you to our classes as we aim to provide a superior Educational experience, by Experts and provide medical and educational services to Empower those in need.

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Our Nested curriculum is continually adapting to keep up to date with current medical care and healthcare trends.  Our classes emphasize wellness and preventive measures for the overall health of mom, significant other, baby and the immediate community. This holistic approach starts prior to conception with our Preconception Course by supporting and educating couples on how to first care for themselves, and then practical options to optimize their health for conception.  Once pregnant, many couples are overwhelmed by the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, possible signs of labor, what to expect during labor, and how to prepare for either a vaginal or Cesarean section deliveries.  Nested has partnered with the Doulas of Capitol Hill to offer our clients hands-on breathng and positioning techniques to help ease labor pain.  Our educational experts help clients feel prepared for the later part of pregnancy and the birth of their baby with our Childbirth Education Course.  With a growing family, our comprehensive Newborn Care and Infant CPR Course will help assure your child will be in good hands.  Parents (nannies, grandparents and other caretakers) learn practical skills such as diapering, swaddling, feeding, bathing, burping and soothing baby techiniques.  Additionally, parents will feel equipped to prevent and treat any life-threatening choking or newborn cardiovascular event by receiving hands-on instruction and practice in infant rescue techniques. After your one-on-one instruction, you will receive a certificate of completion. The Nested classes provide an outstanding outline for everything that you will need as a new family. The curriculum includes discussions of how to help with lifestyle changes and boundary setting; work-life balance, in-laws’ relationships, positive communication skills will be in your family toolbox after this class. This holistic approach to our Nested curriculum including- Preconception, Childbirth Education, and Newborn Care provides the tools a family needs to learn how to be proactive and live healthy on the journey to starting a family.  

By design, Nested classes provide an important skill set for the health and wellbeing of mom, partner and new baby, as well as how to adjust and maintain a healthy family balance going forward.

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Nested LLC’s mission is to empower women and their families locally and abroad, by providing them with the education and the resources they need to thrive.

The possibilities are endless when we collaborate. We know that Nested parents always want the best for their children. You can also feel good that by participating in our classes, you are not only educating yourself, you are investing in a company that donates a significant portion of its proceeds to nonprofit organizations!

In 2017 Nested LLC has been able to provide funds for infant care to mothers and babies after the recent devastating Houston hurricane.  With the help of one of clients, we were able to donate an entire dental clinic to FIBUSPAM. Additionally, we have provided the funds for a brand new EKG machine to FIBUSPAM, hats to migrant farmworkers, sanitary pads, pregnancy test kits, urine dipsticks, and a much needed asthma medication nebulizer.

FIBUSPAM, one of our collaborating partners, provides affordable health care and surgical services to the Chimborazo Province in Ecuador. Their ongoing mission provides high-quality, affordable medical care to local communities that have little or no access to medical, dental, and vision services. Partnering with our friends at FIBUSPAM, Nested is excited to launch Project Nido 2018.

Together, let us strive to promote education and quality healthcare for everyone.

Kind Words

Happy Doctors and Happy Clients.

As new parents, we had no idea of what to do or what to expect. Going to the Nested class was so helpful to walk through the labor process and know what to expect. We also had no family in the area and going to this class reassured us that we could do this on our own while teaching us how to do so. The teachers are not only knowledgeable, but kind and invested in you and your family. I can’t recommend this class enough! Here is our family photo and a photo from Amelia at 10 months wearing her nested bib!!

Emily, Javier and Amelia

"Nidhi and her “Nested” team have been a great addition to the Breastfeeding Center team! Their energy is refreshing and appreciated, and we’re happy to be a part of their philanthropic goal. The feedback we’ve gotten about their classes has been excellent. We look forward to our continued collaboration!"




Breastfeeding Center of Greater Washington

Jessica and Kelly were phenomenal! I left more assured, confident, and prepared!



"I came away from the class feeling more confident and empowered about the birthing process and postpartum care. We definitely learned things and there is something to be said about talking about this stuff in person."




Nested has been such a great value for my patients. The classes and information presented are up to date, concise and exactly what my patients are looking for. Nidhi and her team have years of experience and expertise and they share a passion for what they do. I am thrilled to have Nested on our team!

Dr. Matthew Peterson

Physician, Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin

Nidhi is a highly valued health care provider at RHJN. Her passion for patient education prompted her to create and develop curriculum for “Nested” a program of education for our expecting parents. She is an entertaining and knowledgeable creator and speaker. She and her “nested” team are well prepared to provide excellent education and support to our expecting parents. Her energetic and caring personality is apparent when she sees her patients for consults and office visits.

Mona Milberg

FNP-BC, Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin

"Thank you for the wonderful class. The teachers were great!! Very easy to understand and funny at the same time!! I wanted to thank you guys for the work you do with Ecuador. I, myself, was born here but my entire family is from Ecuador and know the incredible need there is there. On behalf of my family and all those you are helping in Ecuador, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am glad that part of the fees was able to contribute to others who may not get the medical care and assistance I am fortunate to have since I am here. You are truly making a difference and I am sure you don’t hear thank you enough…so Thank you!!"



I have been getting great feedback from our patients who have done a Nested class. They really felt the classes were well taught and informative. One patient said the class has helped to relieve some of her anxiety and fears about the labor process. Others have liked the charitable aspect to the program. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Kirstiaan L. Nevin

Physician, Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin

I liked hearing about CPR, hearing about different methods of baby care compared to what Sibley childbirth classes had to offer in their course. The best practices/updated standards were very helpful. The class was a positive experience – I liked the smallness of the class for more intimate learning and open forum structure.



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