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2022 Project NIDO

Updated 7/7/22

We have an urgent need for supplies for our upcoming Project Nido 2022 (Project Nest) medical mission trip. We leave July 22 and head to the Chimborazo Province in Ecuador! Like our past mission trips, the team will provide essential adult and pediatric medical care and education to the Indigenous people of Ecuador and the recent migration of Venezuelans.

In order to provide women’s health & cervical cancer screening, dental care, and reading glasses we need your help! We are significantly deficient in supplies and monetary funds. We absolutely appreciate those that have given and provided us with supplies but we hope we can do even more.

We have an Amazon wish list where you can purchase items for our trip: Project Nido 2022


These are the items still needed:

  • Menstrual Cups
  • Ice/heat packs
  • Toiletries
  • Crayons, Facepaint
  • Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
  • Small coloring, Kid sized footballs
  • Stickers, Small bubbles
  • Nail polish

Project Nido 2022

2017 Project Nido:  Medical supplies donated

Project NIDO 2017 clinic in the only stable building left standing after the 2016 7.8 magnitude earthquake

Giving Back

Since 2017, Nested LLC has participated in multiple medical missions endearingly named Project Nido (Project Nest), with Partners of Andean Community Health (PACH). Project Nido provides free medical & dental care to the indigenous population of Ecuador. PACH provides affordable health care and surgical services to the Chimborazo Province in Ecuador. PACH has ongoing medical mission that provides high-quality, affordable medical care to local communities that have little or no access to medical, dental, and vision services.

2019 Project NIDO

In April 2019, Nidhi and the Nested team participated in the Project Nido medical mission trip where they helped provide health education and medical services to indigenous communities of Ecuador’s Chimborazo Province. Working in partnership with PACH Ecuador, Nested provided a combination of medical and dental services to over 600 children and adults in a three-day time period! Project Nido 2019 was a unique trip focused on women’s health, vision care and dental health education to address the underlying causes of many of the patients’ medical complaints.

Project NIDO 2019 Statistics

  • 200 lbs of donated supplies carried by our 20 team members
  • 4 months to 94 years old = The age range of patients served
  • 601 patients treated
  • 600 toothbrushes donated
  • 325 pairs of eyeglasses distributed
With the combined effort of PACH, Nested and the Las Vegas Democracy Prep High School, the team offered dental health services, vision screenings, cervical cancer screenings, pediatric and adult medical care, physical therapy and chiropractor services. 

With the help of teachers and students from the Montessori of Northern Virginia, a video was made using puppets to educate communities on oral health and emphasize proper tooth brushing techniques. All of the children who attended our clinics watched the video and were given toothbrushes & toothpaste to bring home to their families.

Nested successfully provided essential medical & hygiene supplies for Project Nido 2019, thanks to the generous support from the Greater Washington DC Women’s Health Village, including Reiter Hill Johnson & Nevin, the physical therapist community, reproductive endocrinologist practices, cord blood banks and medical technology companies, dental offices, local schools, breastfeeding centers, The Doulas of Capitol Hill, and their friends and families.

Nested Team at Project NIDO 2019 in Chimborazo Province, Ecuador

2018 Project NIDO

In May 2018, Nidhi and the Nested team participated in the Project Nido medical mission trip where they helped provide health education and medical services to indigenous communities of Ecuador’s Chimborazo Province. Working in partnership with Trek Coalition and PACH, the Nested team provided high-quality medical care to 883 Ecuadorians in need during the five-day trip! Project Nido 2018 focused on public health issues that affect women & children, cervical cancer screenings, prenatal care, eye chart exams & dental health screening as well as education on various health topics, including dental hygiene, water consumption, education about female anatomy and family planning.

Project NIDO 2018 Statistics

  • 883 patients treated
  • 600 reading and sunglasses distributed
  • 700 toothbrushes distributed
  • 100s of sanitary pads & other products to help relieve menstrual cramps and discomfort
  • +75 dental hygiene & water consumption education Spanish coloring books created by elementary students at Montessori of Northern Virginia

Nested Team at Project NIDO 2018 in Chimborazo Province, Ecuador

Project NIDO 2018 Clinic

2017 Project NIDO

In 2017, Nidhi, with Nicole Hakenson, Grace Roman, Mario Fuentes and others, volunteered to help provide medical services to the west coast of Ecuador from the devastation caused by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in 2016.  The team traveled by bus with local PACH doctors, dentists and staff and found all the buildings leveled to the ground with significant flooding and infrastructure damage. Among 70 surrounding village communities, there was one free standing, stable building that had a generator capabilities and served as a church (see photo). Prior to our arrival, leaders of those villages traveled to their communities and spread the word our visit. When the team arrived at the building, they learned that hundreds of Ecuadorians had traveled by foot or horse to seek much needed medical care.
Project NIDO 2017: Donations Shipped to Fibuspam Clinic in Chimborazo Province, Ecuador

  • 20 Clipboards donated for clinicians use while seeing patients and filling out forms/information
  • 10 OB/GYN Handheld Books donated and sent to general medicine doctors in Ecuador
  • Funding to purchase a portable EKG machine 
  • 200 Urine Analysis Sticks for mobile medicine teams 
  • 100 Pregnancy tests — with the scarcity of pregnancy tests in Ecuador, many women do not know if they are pregnant & crucial prenatal and surgical medical care is delayed
  • Albuterol inhalers & Albuterol nebulizer machine — In Ecuador, many people suffer from uncontrolled asthma & respiratory issues due to high levels of pollution & exposure to volcanic ash

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