REGISTRATION NOW OPEN for in-person classes and LIVE Virtual interactive classes through June 2021! 

  Purchase a 1-month access to Childbirth Education &/or Newborn Care/Infant CPR online VIDEO class(es) with Closed Captioning! 

Nested LLC believes the health & safety of our clients, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance & is always our top priority and follow Nested’s COVID-19 protocols for in-person classes. We closely monitor & will adhere to public health guidelines to maintain best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Should Nested suspend in-person classes due to federal, state and/or local government restrictions & recommendations, as well as CDC guidance, and/or if the class location is inaccessible, registered clients will be notified via email that their class will be conducted as a LIVE Virtual interactive class at the same date & time as the originally scheduled class, and will be provided with an access link.

DC Area Mom Collective’s FB live 8/26/2020 with Nidhi Reva and Dr. Heather Johnson

DC Area Mom Collective’s Facebook LIVE on August 26, 2020 with Nidhi Reva & Dr. Heather Johnson, OB-GYN and author, discuss women’s health, childbirth education, COVID-19, pregnancy and postpartum 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Chat

Join us with Ask Dr. Heather Johnson and Nested as we talk Pregnancy, Postpartum, COVID-19, and Women's Health!Dr. Johnson: https://askdrheatherjohnson.comNested Baby: https://nestedbaby.comWhat They Don't Tell You About Having A Baby: An Obstetrician's Unofficial Guide to Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Life

Posted by DC Area Mom Collective on Wednesday, August 26, 2020