Lauren Faherty is a registered nurse that holds a BSN from the University of Connecticut. She started her career as an emergency room nurse and has experience in adult and pediatric level II trauma. After working in the ER for eight years, Lauren transitioned to work in the PACU in the outpatient setting. Since her husband is an active-duty United States Marine, Lauren has worked in several hospitals and surgery centers in multiple states, including New York, California, and Virginia.

Lauren has also spent time overseas, volunteering as a nurse at a Syrian refugee camp in Greece and living in Morocco with her husband. While living abroad, Lauren and her husband were fortune enough to travel across the world throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Currently Lauren is at home raising her two young children. After having had a premature baby and two children under the age of two, Lauren can closely relate to the worries and anticipations of new parents. Educating parents-to-be and preparing them for their new role is something Lauren is highly passionate about. With her years of nursing and motherhood experience, Lauren feels she can help put new parents at ease and make them ready for the amazing journey of parenthood.