Starting in early January 2021, Nested will offer its award-winning, comprehensive curriculum classes in 3 formats — small in-person classes, online VIDEO classes, and LIVE Virtual interactive classes — to provide expecting parents and caregivers with multiple options to access Nested’s educational classes!


Nested is excited to announce its NEWEST “DELIVERY”! … TWO new 3-hour LIVE Virtual interactive classes for Childbirth Education (CBE) and Newborn Care & Infant CPR (NB/CPR) starting in January 2021! Both of these LIVE Virtual interactive classes via GoToMeeting will be led by a Nested instructor, each will be held once a month on Sunday afternoons and includes access to the course Resource Guide and additional information.

Nested is so very pleased to be able to provide the SAME comprehensive curriculum content for our CBE and NB/CPR classes regardless of the format! To learn more about our class format options, please visit our Class Overview page, and REGISTER NOW for Nested’s January – March 2021 classes so be sure to register soon because classes sell out quickly! 

Nested LLC believes the health & safety of our clients, staff and volunteers is of utmost importance and is always our top priority which is why we adhere to Nested’s COVID-19 protocols for in-person classes. As such, we will continue to offer small, in-person group classes to ensure all attendees, including Nested instructors, are able to be at least 6-feet away from each other. 

Please know that Nested closely monitors & adheres to government agencies’ public health guidelines and requirements to maintain best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Should Nested have to suspend in-person classes due to federal, state and/or local government restrictions (and/or if the building is closed), registered clients will be notified via email that their class will be conducted as a LIVE Virtual interactive class at the same date & time as the originally scheduled class, and will be provided with an access link.

Did you know that Nested’s HIPAA-compliant professional-produced online VIDEO classes have Closed Captioning (CC)! The captioning for both class videos were verified and reviewed by Nested’s team of licensed medical experts. 

Nested’s online VIDEO classes are available 24/7 from the comfort of your home, and viewers can start, stop & review it as many times as preferred during the 1-month membership. By registering for a Nested online VIDEO class, you will receive a 1-month access to Nested’s Childbirth Education (CBE) class and/or the Newborn Care and Infant CPR (NB/CPR) class, the ability to sign up & participate in two GoToMeeting LIVE Question & Answer discussions for the course with which you are registered, and access to the course Resource Guide as well as additional information. Register TODAY for your 1-month membership at the DECEMBER SALE price of $150 before it ends on 12/31/2020! 


“My wife and I took the Newborn Care class before the birth of our daughter (right before COVID hit) and we absolutely loved it. I didn’t know a thing about swaddling or putting a baby to sleep or even changing a diaper for that matter, but the teachers didn’t make me feel stupid for being completely in the dark about baby stuff. I follow them on Instagram (@nestedbaby) and noticed that they’re offering some classes now virtually because of COVID, so I definitely recommend that. As a guy, I feel like you can be more apprehensive to ask questions about taking care of your newborn than a mother would be, and Nested made me feel comfortable.”

“My wife and I found these guys on social media as resources for delivery classes were few and far between during the height of coronavirus. My wife signed us up right away for one of their video virtual classes. We absolutely have loved our experiences with Nidhi and the rest of the Nested team, and have told two expecting couples friends of ours all about their amazing offerings. Can’t wait to see what other classes they come out with, but definitely a good pick if you’re looking for a baby delivery class in the DC area (and I guess anywhere now, since they’re offering their video classes, too!).”

“Nested’s LIVE Virtual interactive Breastfeeding class was something that I was interested in taking due to the fact that I had very little information on the subject as a new mom-to-be. Our instructor, Katie, was very knowledgeable and made us feel like we were in a safe zone when discussing the facts. Very happy I signed up for this class.”

“My husband and I attended the Newborn Care and Infant CPR class. It was super informative and the on hands practice and activities were delightful and much appreciated. I am sure our “Nested Grad” is thrilled we learned how to swaddle him appropriately and we were well equipped first time parents. I really appreciate Nidhi (who is my dr and has been for the past 5 years plus) and team and look forward to their services again in the future! Thank you ladies for giving us first time parents the knowledge and practice we so need in those special months leading up to a life changing event!”

“My husband and I took two courses through Nested to help prepare for the birth of our first child. We learned vital information about infant CPR and assisting an infant that is choking. I’ve had to use those techniques and because I had practice at the class it helped me to feel more comfortable in assisting my own child. The stages of labor were helpful as well. They have great teachers who keep things exciting and give such great tips. It was money well spent. If you are a first time parent or a little rusty in baby care I highly recommend Nested.”


For those of you who have taken our in-person classes this fall, you have had the pleasure of learning some tips, tricks and techniques for prenatal wellness, pelvic floor health, and ergonomics & exercises from Nested team member, Migma Tamang of

AND… Nested is so very pleased to partner with Migma who provides personalized virtual online & in-person general, prenatal, postnatal, core and pelvic floor exercises and wellness support. For those of you who have taken our in-person classes this fall, you have had the pleasure of learning some of the tips, tricks and techniques already. Be sure to use the unique promo code “nested” to receive 20% off services!


We are so happy for and proud of our friend & RHJ colleague, Dr. Heather L. Johnson as she recently released a new book about menopause!

In her NEW book about menopause, What They Don’t Tell You About Menopause: A Gynecologist’s Unofficial Guide to Premenopausal, Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Life, AND, in her book about pregnancy, What They Don’t Tell You About Having a Baby: An Obstetrician’s Unofficial Guide to Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Life, she shares what she has learned throughout her career, fact-filled and up-to-date medical insights, humorous antidotes, and “Dr. J’s Pearls” of bite-sized advice & information. 

More information about Dr. Johnson, bite sized advice aka “Dr. J’s Pearls” may be found on her website,, AND both of her books are available on,,, and


Looking for GIFT ideas for your friend / partner / family member who is expecting?

  • GIVE the GIFT of Nested! Looking for the perfect gift for your friend / partner / relative who is expecting soon? Are your loved ones asking what you want for the holidays? Suggest a GIFT CARD so you / they can register for Nested classes! 
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  • Visit our Collaborations & Partnerships page to find discount codes & more from Nested’s partners including Doulas of Capitol Hill, Monti Kids,,, and!
  • Dr. Heather L. Johnson’s book about pregnancy is a GREAT gift! What They Don’t Tell You About Having a Baby: An Obstetrician’s Unofficial Guide to Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Life is available in both Paperback and eBook on,, and


As we approach the holidays, we hope you know that we are thinking about you and are here for you on your pregnancy journey! As such, we would like to provide you with a gift of a $20 discount code: special20 when you register for one of our in-person classes. AND, be sure to take advantage of our December SALE for one-month access to our online video classes for only $150 (Must be purchased by 12/31/2020, NO coupon code needed)!


Let’s be truly honest, we’ve all had a tough year and joy was on short supply. Like so many of you this year when faced with daily struggles, my circle of loved ones’ sought to find comfort in the little things — outside games with friends and neighbors, watching kids ride bikes outside and playing hide & seek, warm snuggles watching movies — these are memories I’ll cherish. And, yes, as we hopefully find our way back to a new “normalcy” in 2021, I know I will see life with more color, perspective and appreciation. The pandemic and sheltering-in-place over the past year disrupted the “business of life” of trying to fit everything into a packed schedule, which allowed the space for me to spend more time with my girls, truly cherish both my local and out-of-town family & friends and spend more time with them virtually, observe and admire the strength of my colleagues, and, focus on the expressive eyes and needs of patients and soon-to-be parents as they sought guidance and education on health, wellness and preparation for their baby’s arrival. This is the color I don’t want abandoned with the new freedoms approaching.

So, my holiday wish this year is to keep my colors an integral part of my life, and for all of you to have your new found experiences carried forward for your holiday season and beyond. Cheers to the little sparks of joy that got us through 2020!

Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy and loving Holiday season!  

Nidhi & the Nested Team

Nidhi Reva | Founder & Managing Director and Instructor

Nidhi Reva’s passion for working with underserved populations inspired Nested’s mission of empowerment through education. Nested LLC’s mission is to empower women and their families, both locally and abroad, by providing them with childbirth and newborn care education as well as invaluable medical and public health resources.