We are so proud to announce Nested’s newest LIVE VIRTUAL offering: “Bonding With Your Newborn” Support Group (more details below).  This is truly a labor of love and I am very excited to offer this additional program for our growing Nested family. 
As more & more Americans become eligible and receive COVID-19 vaccinations, we are incredibly hopeful that we are starting to see the “light” at the end of this very long, difficult and momentous time. I am so very grateful for our teachers, clients and community, and for their commitment & capacity during the pandemic to still showing up to teach, learn and help others. I think burnout or the cumulative stress this year has increased the need for continued emotional and physical support for expecting and postpartum families.  As a new mom, I struggled with postpartum depression and so it has always been a priority for Nested to help continue to find ways in which to support families navigate a new path to a “new normal” while trying to bond with your new baby.   I am so proud to announce Nested’s newest LIVE VIRTUAL offering — “Bonding With Your Newborn” Support Group (more details below).  This is truly a labor of love and I am very excited to offer this additional program for our growing Nested family.  We hope that you and your family are staying safe & healthy! Nidhi & the Nested Team

Learning to adapt to parenthood with your new baby can be very daunting. Join a group of new parents to share the ups & downs, bonding with your baby, tips & tricks and experiences when plans have to pivot and how to meet your baby’s attachment needs in the first year. Nested’s new LIVE Virtual interactive “Bonding With Your Newborn” Support Group provides parents of newborns up to 12 months of age the opportunity to talk about what your baby needs in the first year and help navigate your way through this new territory. This unique experience begins on June 16 and will be held on 5 consecutive Wednesdays as 1-hour sessions, with a maximum of 8 attendees, and led by Francine Ronis, LPC, child family therapist and early childhood specialist. Each week, Francine will facilitate a discussion on topics ranging from self care, attachment, sleep, balancing your relationships & more, and help you find what works best for you & your particular family. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & REGISTER TODAY!


Nested is excited to introduce our two newest instructors — Courtney McDonald and Francine Ronis! Courtney McDonald is currently a clinical mother-baby nurse, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, VA, and has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2017. Courtney teaches the Nested LIVE Virtual Breastfeeding Preparation classes. AND, speaking of our monthly LIVE Virtual Breastfeeding Preparation classes at 7-9p ET – there are still spaces available for both our June 24 classes but they’re filling up quickly so be sure to REGISTER TODAY!

Francine Ronis is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LBC) in the Commonwealth of Virginia and has been a child/family therapist and parent coach working with children & families in the metro DC area for more than 20 years. Francine facilitates Nested’s new LIVE Virtual interactive Bonding With Your Newborn Support Group (as noted above).


Join Nidhi Reva, Founder of Nested LLC and Emily Smith, Founder & Operations Manager of the Doulas of Capitol Hill for an Instagram Live discussion about “Parenthood Tabutiful: Diving into the taboo subjects of parenting”. https://www.instagram.com/nestedbaby/




Nested is offering a one-hour in-person Infant CPR & Choking Prevention Refresher Class on JUNE 8! Taught at Nested’s OUTDOOR classroom in Arlington, VA by Founder Nidhi Reva, attendees will learn how to resuscitate on specialized CPR non-responsive dolls & choking prevention strategies, and practice the techniques on the carefully sanitized infant CPR dolls. Registration closes on Friday, June 4 so be sure to REGISTER HERE before the class sells out!  More dates to be announced soon.

Please note that Nested is not currently offering certification for infant CPR, only instruction and practice.

Nested continues to closely monitor pandemic government & agency requirements, guidance and statistics. As stated on our website, in-person classes may need to be changed to LIVE virtual classes due to the pandemic. 



Nested offers its classes in 3 formats — small in-person classes, online VIDEO classes, and LIVE Virtual interactive classes — to provide expecting parents and caregivers with multiple options to access Nested’s educational classes! Registration is NOW OPEN for Nested’s July and August classes! Did you know that Nested provides the SAME comprehensive curriculum content for classes regardless of the format (in-person, online VIDEO, and LIVE Virtual interactive)? Did you know that Nested’s HIPAA-compliant professional-produced online VIDEO classes have Closed Captioning (CC)? To learn more about our class format options, please visit our Class Overview page, and REGISTER TODAY!  Nested continues to closely monitor pandemic government & agency requirements, guidance and statistics. As stated on our website, in-person classes may need to be changed to LIVE virtual classes due to the pandemic. 


Nested has 2 NEW classroom spaces located in Arlington,VA and Falls Church, VA!

  • Arlington, VA: Nested’s licensed business headquarters location has both an indoor AND outdoor classroom space!  It is located at the home of Nidhi Reva, the founder & managing director of Nested LLC, and has its own convenient entrance that is separate from the home.
  • Falls Church, VA: Thank you Lisa DuBois of The Chrissy & Lisa Team for generously donating the use of the lovely “living room-like” RE/MAX West End office space in Falls Church, VA twice a month for Nested’s classes! Lisa, a well-recognized realtor in the Northern VA and DC real estate markets, has an outstanding record of home sales in all price ranges, and a multitude of satisfied clients. If you are looking for a new home for your new and growing family, she will guide you along the right path with exception service and excellent results.


  • “We took the online VIDEO Childbirth Education class. We liked the option of having access to the video for a month since it is so hard to absorb the enormous amount of critical information about the birthing process in one setting. The video was very informative and I learned a lot of new and helpful information. It was also great to have a virtual Q&A session after watching the video because we were able to ask many questions to the instructor. They were so generous with their time when answering our questions and their responses were very thoughtful and comprehensive. I would highly recommend them!”
  • “My wife and I were expecting our first child and looking for resources to help us prepare. Nested really helped us learn what to expect and be ready. We purchased the 1-month membership access for the Nested Childbirth Education online VIDEO class and took the LIVE Virtual Newborn Care and Infant CPR class, both of which were EXCELLENT. Nidhi went above and beyond to make sure we understood the infant CPR and choking procedures. That personal attention helped make our pregnancy prep so much more enjoyable and it’s something I will always be thankful for. Thanks for helping make the pregnancy journey so much better for us. I highly recommend Nested for their expertise and their personal touch.”  
  • “The Newborn Care & Infant CPR class was incredibly helpful, informative, and non-judgmental. We highly recommend these classes to all first-time parents or even seasoned parents who might want a refresher.”  
  • “We took the LIVE Virtual Newborn Care & Infant CPR class and the LIVE Virtual Childbirth Education class. Thank you, Nested and Nidhi, for all the help and advice. We felt so much more prepared with the Nested courses!”  
  • “My husband & I both found the in-person Newborn Care & Infant CPR class to be so helpful. As ‘older’ first time parents with no real experience with babies, we needed all the help we can get! We also enjoyed the online VIDEO Childbirth Education class and the facilitated Q&A very useful and informative. Thank you for continuing to have these classes, really appreciate it!”  
  • “My partner and I are first time parents and pretty clueless when it comes to taking care of a baby, especially a newborn. We took Nested’s Newborn Care/Infant CPR class and found it extremely helpful. We were able to learn infant CPR, how to swaddle a baby, and what to expect the first few days/weeks home from the hospital. The resource guide is a great thing to have to refer back to as we get ready to welcome our baby girl. Thank you, Nidhi for all of the wonderful information!”

Nidhi Reva | Founder & Managing Director and Instructor

Nidhi Reva’s passion for working with underserved populations inspired Nested’s mission of empowerment through education. Nested LLC’s mission is to empower women and their families, both locally and abroad, by providing them with childbirth and newborn care education as well as invaluable medical and public health resources.